Get Healthy Snacks On Demand

Get Healthy Snacks On Demand

We'll restock your vending machine regularly

A vending machine can boost morale in the workplace. Fresh Idea Foods Inc. can help you upgrade your office or workspace with a brand-new vending machine. Worried about fitting a vending machine in a small space? No problem. We have a variety of vending machines made to fit any size break room.

Give your employees a variety of snacks to keep them going throughout the day. Call 563-263-7377 today for more information.

Snacks for every taste

To please all your employees, you need a variety of snacks available on demand. Fresh Idea Foods can keep your vending machine stocked with your selection of food and drink items.

We can stock your vending machine with...

Sports drinks | Juices | Sodas | Energy drinks | Water bottles

Chips | Pastries | Gum and mints | Cookies | Candy | Fresh foods

Our team keeps track of each individual sale so we know which items are selling more. This way, we can restock your vending machine appropriately.

Speak with a team member about your vending machine installation today.