Delicious convenience

Single-cup brewers are easy to use and allow an efficient way to offer a range of hot beverage options.

Catered choices

Hundreds of coffees and teas are available as single-cup options, so everyone can have a custom beverage.

Enhanced morale

Employees and customers love single-cup machines and consider them an impressive benefit at a business.

Innovative brewing

The latest built-in brewing technology keeps the water temperature and flavor extraction at ideal settings.

Single cup office coffee in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington

Transform your
coffee break

A better break room starts with quality single-cup coffee and tea options. No longer subject yourself, your employees, or your customers to stale or cold coffee. With Fresh Idea Foods single-cup coffee machines, each cup is brewed instantly, maintaining freshness and temperature. Plus, there are dozens of coffee varieties to choose from, so everyone can get the personalized beverage of their choice from black dark roast coffee to a frothy cappuccino.

Enjoy personalized coffee service

Nothing beats the customizable coffee, specialty drink, and tea options of our single-cup coffee brewers.

Flavia Barista
Single cup Office Coffee Service in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington
Flavia C 150

Bring something extra special to your Muscatine or Quad City Area break room with single-cup coffee service from Fresh Idea Foods at and (563) 263-7377 or (866) 725-9822 (toll free).