Water Filtration Serivces in Muscatine, Quad City Area & Burlington

Hydrate in style

Water filtration offers a sustainable, delicious way to provide beneficial water in the workplace.

Eliminate the need for 5 gallon water jugs and still deliver great tasting water with water service from Fresh Idea Foods. Our systems can be customized to fit your space, with countertop or floor-standing models. Both tap into your existing water line, passing the water through filters that eliminate the impurities that affect taste. It transforms the water offering at your location and also improves the taste of coffee and tea products.

Multiple size options available

No more bottles

Water filtration uses your existing water line and filters to eliminate the need for a bottle.

Small footprint units

Save floor space by opting for a countertop water filtration system for your break room.

Full size models

Keep the floor standing water cooler, but lose the bottle with a larger water filtration unit.

Water and more

Water is yet another of the services we offer, making us a one stop shop for your needs.

Dual temperature

All water filtration systems offer great tasting hot and cold water on demand through taps.

Pure and hydrating

Premium filters elevate the taste of your water and all beverages made with it, such as coffee.