We offer more snack vending machine options to ensure your Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington workplace gets the ideal treats, sweets and healthy choices.

Snack Vending Machines in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington

Customize your snack vending machine program with the latest product choices. We offer all the popular brand name items, including chips, candy, pastries, and healthy vending selections. Choose from hundreds of flavors and varieties. Looking for something specific? We are happy to accommodate special product requests to make your snack vending machine the best in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington.

Our state-of-the-art vending machines are equipped with debit and credit card readers that can also accept mobile payments, giving the user many ways to pay. Each vending machine is also continuously monitored, notifying our office of which products need to be restocked or if there is a service issue.

  • Today‚Äôs trendiest brand name products
  • Debit/credit card payment acceptance
  • Customizable solutions, e.g. healthy vending
Snack Vending Machines in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington

Guaranteed Product Delivery

Our modern snack vending machines include infrared sensors that continuously monitor if a product drops into the delivery area. If the snack does not drop, the sensor triggers the snack vending machine to automatically refund the money.

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Revitalize your break room with a great snack vending machine program provided by Fresh Idea Food at sales@freshideafoods.com or Toll Free: (866) 725-9822 or Local (563) 263-7377.