We offer dozens of snacks and beverages that support health and wellness in the workplace.

Healthy Vending Machines in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington

Healthy Vending Machines in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington

Here in Muscatine, Iowa, people are trying to live a healthier lifestyle. Together, we can support their efforts by offering healthy vending machine products that meet nutritional standards. Healthier employees get more work done and take fewer sick days. Better healthy can also lead to lower company health insurance costs.

Offering a healthy vending machine program is easy with Fresh Idea Foods using FitPick. Fitpick is a national program that rates a food on its fat, sugar, sodium, and calorie content and is an ideal way for employees and guests to make informed snacking choices. Items in our vending machines that meet these nutritional standards are labeled with a FitPick logo, ensuring the snack, food, or beverage is easy to identify as a better-for-you offering.

Add some better-for-you products to your workplace with healthy vending service from Fresh Idea Foods at sales@freshideafoods.com or Toll Free: (866) 725-9822 or Local (563) 263-7377.

Special diet healthy vending items are our specialty.

Whether you want gluten-free chips or vitamin enhanced water, we can provide the ideal healthy vending machine selection to meet your needs.

Healthy vending machines in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington
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