Enjoy gourmet coffee, specialty drinks and a variety of teas all brewed to perfection.

Office Coffee Service in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington

We believe everyone deserves a great tasting cup of coffee at work. That is why we offer everything you need. Enjoy the versatility of single-cup coffee from our equipment partners Keurig and Flavia. Create the ideal drink using our an assortment of creamers, sugars, and sweeteners. Never be without stir sticks, cups, or paper products, And we will customize the office coffee and tea service until it matches your exact specifications.

Experts in providing workplace beverages

Our one stop office coffee and tea service provides an array of products and services to complete your Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington break room.

Traditional Equipment

Far from old fashioned, our commercial coffee brewers serve a high volume of employees gourmet flavor.

Single Cup Brewers

Ensure everyone can get the coffee, tea, or specialty drink they prefer with an option that lets them brew it by the cup.

Water Filtration Units

Eliminate the storing and lifting of heavy bottles, but still get the benefit of pure tasting water - available in floor standing and counter top models.

Break Room Supplies

Whether you are looking for creamers, stir sticks, or paper goods, we have the items you need and the dedication to service you want.

A Variety of Coffees

From national brands to local roasts, choose the coffee type and variety that best fits your Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington workplace.

Assortment of Teas

Our line of teas includes black, green, white, and herbal options all made with the finest ingredients.

Customized Selections

No one tailors an office coffee service program better than our highly dedicated and experienced staff.

Cold Brew Coffee

Now you can enjoy this trendy coffee drink in your office on tap or in a bottle with our popular cold brew service.

One Stop Shop

Don’t deal with multiple office coffee service providers, when Fresh Idea Foods can offer you everything in one.

Our experienced office coffee service staff can assist you in choosing the ideal equipment solution.

Office Coffee Service in Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington
Flavia Barista
Flavia C 150
Pour Over
3 Burner

Great water makes everything better

Employees will thank you for installing a water filtration service in your Muscatine, Quad City Area and Burlington, business.

Our bottleless water coolers filter out impurities that can affect the taste, leaving just pure, refreshing water. Available in two models, a floor standing or counter top version, the water filtration unit is plumbed right into your existing water line, so it never has to be refilled. It offers both cold and hot water, making it versatile enough to meet any employee need. The best part is that the filtered water enhances the flavor of your office coffee and tea as well.

No water source? We also offer 5 gallon jug water coolers.

It’s time to enjoy the benefits of full office coffee and tea service with a solution from Fresh Idea Foods at sales@freshideafoods.com or Toll Free: (866) 725-9822 or Local (563) 263-7377.