Micro-Market Benefits in Muscatine, Quad City Area & Burlington
Muscatine, Quad City Area & Burlington Micro-Market Benefits

Micro-markets that impress

The open concept and improved number of choices from Fresh Idea Foods’ micro-markets are a must-have perk for employers looking to retain employees.

Entice employees with a well crafted micro-market. The service can transform the break room with hundreds of products available for employees to purchase in an aesthetically pleasing layout that is open and encourages browsing. Purchases are easy thanks to the touchscreen kiosk that accepts all forms of payment including debit and credit cards.

Online pay alternative

Want a more flexible payment option in the micro-market? Opt for an online payment solution that eliminates lines at the kiosk and the need for change.

Professional racking systems

Each micro-market is crafted with our custom Frameworks micro-market racking system to ensure a perfect fit. The cutting-edge architecture is adjustable and supports custom toppers for a designer look.

  • A contemporary racking system proudly made in the USA
  • Adjustable rack base unit is easily customizable
  • Supports graphic toppers to complete the look
  • Quick assembly for fast break room transformations
  • Patent-pending design you won’t see anywhere else

Achieve better corporate culture

Workers appreciate employers that offer extra amenities, such as mini stores in the break room open 24/7.

Better choices

Encourage healthy eating and drinking at work with nutritious refreshments in the micro-market.

Automated inventory

Web-based inventory ensures we always know what needs to be restocked in your micro-market.

Kiosk checkout

Employees scan their micro-market product and pay using the secure, self checkout system.

Quick and easy

All day grab and go options make micro-markets a fast, convenient benefit for employees.

Vast selection

The exposed racking and coolers provide space for a wider range of drinks, snacks, and foods.

Promotional programs

Optimize the micro-market advantage by subsidizing the products, lowering costs for staff.

Create a positive culture

With choices and flexible payments, a micro-market improves the workplace atmosphere.

Better fixtures

The strong, stylish rack design showcases product while ensuring a clean look day after day.

On demand refreshment

Employees can shop the break room whenever they need, including nights and weekends.